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Edward Nessie

Mark your Robert Pattinson calendars (which, if you're like us, you keep separately from your regular calendars)!

The actor's first interview since being outed as a scorned boyfriend will air Aug. 15 on Good Morning America. Better yet, it will be a live sit-down, a rep for the show confirms to E! News.

Ostensibly, he'll be there to talk about his latest film, Cosmopolis, but... ABC sure scored with this one.

Watch Kristen Stewart's sexually charged On the Road trailer

Jake, Nessie, Bella

Jake, Nessie, and Bella spending time together for christmas.

Any interview with Pattinson is a get, but this will be the first anyone has heard


from the Twilight heartthrob since Kristen Stewart admitted to cheating on him with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders—a fling that was partially captured on camera by an industrious paparazzo, resulting in tearful-sounding statements from the self-proclaimed guilty parties.

While Summit Entertainment has said the current scandal won't affect the studio's plans to promote Breaking Dawn - Part 2, in theaters Nov. 16, Pattinson hadn't been pinned down for any Cosmopolis publicity until now.

There's no word yet on who will be helming the Q&A with R.Pattz.

Fancy that—Rupert Sanders' wife hasn't spoken to him in wake of Kristen Stewart scandal

In the wake of the scandal, Pattinson ditched his Hollywood-area home in
favor of refuge at Water for Elephants costar Reese Witherspoon's Ojai, Calif., ranch, about 90 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

Being out of the public eye (if not out of their thoughts for more than a few minutes at a time) at least seems to be helping the 26-year-old Brit's mentality—he was spotted Saturday night partying with friends at Deer Lodge in Ojai, the restaurant confirms to E! News.

Eyewitnesses indicated that Pattinson appeared to be in good spirits. He did "a good job of just blending in," a source says.

Robert is Cosmopolis

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