Well, looks like Robert Pattinson might be a little glad that he doesn't have to do another Twilight movie, but there has been speculation that he might need to play Edward for one or two more movies down the track, but I think that it might be a little hard to do so. Due to Robs ageing and it might look like that Edward is aging along with him. In the interview it has been said that he can tan a little since he is done with the whole franchise for now. Playing a vampire might be a little hard to do so, if your playing another type. There has been also speculation that Rob could land a role on True Blood as a vampire.

Here is the article to prove this:

So here it is, the interview with Melissa Doyle a co-host of Australia's number one Morning show, Sunrise:

Sunrise - Robert Pattinson - the extended interview05:36

Sunrise - Robert Pattinson - the extended interview

So who is excited to see Breaking Dawn - Part 2?

So who is ready to say goodbye to the franchise?

So who wants there to be more Twilight films?

Which character are you going to miss most?

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How many times have you read Breaking Dawn

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