If you want to see the pic just click on this link: you will be very surprised on who is on this list.

That was a quote from the website:

"Rob Pattinson & Taylor Lautner In Top 20 Sexiest Men Of 2012 — See Pics The 'Twilight' hunks have been named some of 2012's sexiest actors in the world. Check out who else made the cut! We all know Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner weren't cast in Twilight only because of their fantastic acting abilities...they're super hot too! In fact, Cosmopolitan UK has decided R-Patz, 25, and Taylor, 19, are two of the sexiest beasts in ALL of Hollywood. Click through these pics and see what other hunks made the cut."

I am like so happy to finally had read this. Hmmmmmmm, I am so happy now.

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