has apparently spotted our favorite couple at Bobby Long’s Concert in L.A. this evening! Hopefully pictures will follow?

I’m at Hotel Cafe for Bobby Long, Naia Kete, Jen Hirsh, Wake Owl and 1 more w/ @ellespice Rob and Kristen are here! AWH YEAH. Rob is in a backwards cap. Kristen in white cut off shirt They LITERALLY walked right by me. Love this It’s pretty dark in here and I’m totally not paparazzi. Sorry, no pics y’all. They are up against the wall right now just hanging out. I’m pretty sure with his arm around her. John is here with them along with a few other friends. Pretty much covering for them. Great time so far. Rob is drinking a Stella. Kristen is just hanging out listening to Bobby rocking it out. Seriously they are so cute together. He just kissed her neck. Rob and Kristen have left the building, y’all. Thanks for the adventure! The paps are here. Pretty sure that Rob and Kristen have left for good. SNEAKY SNEAKY. Well John is still here…which means our couple is still here.

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