Hey i was bored and I have quoted the following pictures.

Eleazar & carmen dancing

Carmen : I so are yous all getting this dance right. I want my dancers doing every single move correctly. I want no mistakes. Otherwise the dance is not going to look nice.

Eleazar : I would comply if I were you's. She will work with you until you have got no energy left.

Riley Biers

Riley : Alrighty, my job is to get chocolate wasted. That is such a child's job, but I would do anything for my love.

150px-Victoria Sutherland

Victoria : Seeing you with Bella is just maddening. I want revenge, and I will get it.


Paul : Jake you look like a chick when you pose like that

Embry : Oh snap!

Jacob : At least I don't look like I have got to sneeze

Sam : Stop fighting the two of you's. You both look like you got something to tell me.

Jared : Sam, what are you saying, that we are meant to give you every single detail of our lives to you. Just because your alpha now.

Quil : Jared, that was not called for and you need to shut up Jared.


220px-Aro and caius reduced version

Alec : Don't you look so tough Aro being in the front.

Marcus : Alec, cram it. You don't speak to your master like that.

Aro : Dear brother don't be mad, Alec give me your hand so that I can read your thoughts.

Caius : Marcus has a point you know. Alec should have never spoken to you like that. How can you abid such lies.

Jane : Alec is sorry but I don't excuse his attitudes.

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