1. Who is your fave character on The Twilight WIki
  2. What type of Ice cream do you like (Bonus)
  3. What type of chip do you like (Bonus)
  4. Allaborate on your fave character
  5. What Twilight Movie do you like
  6. Which Team (Alice or Bella)
  7. Which Team (Edward or Charlie)
  8. Which one would you choose to be (Vampire, Shape Shifter, human, or Werewolf)
  9. What is your fave crest
  10. Allaborate on your fave movie
  11. What book do you like
  12. Is this statement true about you"I am a devoted Twi-Hard"
  13. If you can count how many character are there in The Twilight Saga. Guess how many you think
  14. Pick One (Human Blood or Animal Blood)
  15. Which Team (Jacob Or Embry)
  16. Allaborate on your fave book
  17. Is this statement true about you "Twilight is my life"
  18. Who is your worst character from the franchise
  19. What is your fave car out of the franchise
  20. Allaborate on your worst character
  21. Allaborate on your fave car
  22. Jasper is what to Bella
  23. Mike is who's boyfriend
  24. How many memebers are there in the Denali Coven
  25. Who are the oldest Coven in Twilight
  26. Carlisle was turned in what year
  27. Esme was turned because of what
  28. Lossing to Bella made Emmett what
  29. What type would you think Rosalie like out of fragrances (Perfume)
  30. What kind of weather do vampires like in the day time
  31. Name all the wolves from Twilight-Breaking Dawn Part Two
  32. How many witnesses did the Cullen's have on their side
  33. How many witnesses did the Volturi have on their side
  34. Vampire Venom is deadly to whom
  35. Bella and Edward have a daughter named _____
  36. Is this statment true "Vampires are killed easily by Shape Shifters and werewolves"
  37. Who killed Victoria in Eclipse
  38. Who killed Laurent in New Moon
  39. Who killed James in Twilight
  40. Zafrina is from what coven
  41. Who are the youngest out of the Uley Pack
  42. What made Jacob disban from the La Push Pack
  43. Being a vampire would (your point of view)
  44. Being a shape shifter would (your point of view)
  45. Being a werewolve would (your point of view)
  46. How many days was Bella unware when she was being transformed into a vampire
  47. Where does Bella's mom Renee and Phil live
  48. What made the volturi come to forks in breaking dawn
  49. Benjamin is from what coven
  50. Jessica Standly is a friend of who
  51. What does "La Tua Cantante`" mean
  52. What happens in Twilight
  53. What happens in New Moon
  54. What Happens in Eclipse
  55. What Happens in Breaking Dawn Part One
  56. What Happens in Breaking Dawn Part two
  57. When were the Volturi rise as the leaders of the world
  58. What coven did the Volturi take over from
  59. How many people are their at Bella's and Edwards wedding
  60. RATE this quiz!

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