If you are fan of Kristen Stewart then do this quiz.

  • Favourite picture of Kristen
  • Favourite Kristen hair colour
  • Favourite Kristen movie
  • Favourite Kristen outfit
  • The first Kristen movie you saw
  • Picture of Blonde Kristen
  • Picture of Redhead Kristen (ie Interview Magazine 2008)
  • Picture of Black hair Kristen
  • Picture of Brown hair Kristen
  • Picture of Strawberry blonde Kristen (ie. her present hair colour)
  • Favourite Robsten picture
  • Favourite Taysten picture
  • Favourite DakotaStew picture
  • Favourite picture of Kristen’s bitchface
  • Favourite picture of Kristen with someone.
  • Favourite picture of Kristen from 2008
  • Favourite picture of Kristen from 2009
  • Favourite picture of Kristen from 2010
  • JettStew or BellaStew? Why?
  • Favourite picture from a premiere
  • Favourite candid shot
  • Favourite magazine interview and why
  • Favourite tv interview and why
  • Funniest Kristen moment in your opinion
  • Fave video of Kristen
  • A letter to Kristen
  • Your fan experience, or if you haven’t had one what would you say if you met her?
  • Your favourite Kristen quote
  • Your favourite magazine spread
  • Why do you like Kristen?

Plus It will be interesting to see your answers! Enjoy!!!!

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