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Robert Pattinson

Robert pattinson
  • He has been named the new face of Dior Men's perfume.
  • He and his co-star have broken up for good this time.
  • He has gotten five more movies to film

Kristen Stewart

Dashing kristen
  • Kristen Stewart might of gotten a Tattoo
  • She has been confirmed for SWATH 2
  • She has been confirmed for the New Military Movie

Taylor Lautner

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  • Taylor Lautner stars in Grown Ups 2
  • He has two more films to do
  • He has been confirmed a role in Incarnation

Peter Facinelli

Twilight-Peter 458
  • Peter Facinelli was out and about with his children
  • He has gotten two more movies to film
  • He is confirmed a role in Freeze

Jackson Rathbone

  • Jackson Rathbone is caught with his sister
  • He has three movies to film
  • He has been casted in The Dead Man and he plays Jacob in it

Ashley Greene

  • She has two movies to finish and that is her done 
  • She was spotted with a friend on a yot 
  • She was at the Met Galla this year along with Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev

Elizabeth Reaser

TodoTwilightSaga - Elizabeth Reaser 01
  • She was in The Good Wife 
  • She is on her summer holidays but she is looking to start work soon
  • Was at the Met Galla with co-star Ashley Greene and Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev

Nikki Reed

  • She has five movies to come out 
  • She in Pawn and Empire State movies, if you want to check them out please do so on The Internet Movie Database.
  • She is out and about with her hubby Paul Mcdonald making more music together

Kellan Lutz

  • He has seven movies to make 
  • He has been confirmed the role of Hercules
  • He and his Australian girlfriend broke up and remains good friends. 

Mackenzie Foy

  • She has four movies to come out and make 
  • She was confirmed the role in The Little Prince movie
  • Her birth is coming soon.

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