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New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' details from Jack Morrissey


Jack Morrissey's been totally generous with his Twitter Q&A time lately, and in the latest round-up, he spills on a ton of new The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 details and innuendos.

Here are some of the most informative and intriguing of the lot, but be sure to hit up Team Jack for more!

Jack's Questions and Answers

Q: If we don't get the full trailer 'til fall, do we still get scenes at Comic Con anyway?

Jack: You'll see stuff you haven't seen yet inside Hall H for the last Twilight panel at SDCC. Better get down there!

Q: By the teaser, there will be a lot of the Volturi, right?

Jack: Yep, a whole field full of 'em. "They even brought the wives.” P.S. So much Aro and Jane for you to look forward to.

Q: Does Nessie get a Cullen Crest necklace?

Jack: Not quite - she wears another accessory of significance.

Q: Will we see more of baby Nessie with Edward and Bellam or will it be everything with Mackenzie?

Jack: Both, and also other growth between. Half-human/half-vampire kids - they grow up so fast!

Q: Will we get to see anymore of agonizing Bella during her transformation or do we go straight to vamp mode?

Jack: Well kinda sorta...

Q: When in the movie do we first get to see Renesmee?

Jack: Just as soon as her vampire Mom gets to see her.

Q: The battle in the trailer with everyone running against each other is a vision of Alice's or real?

Jack: Looks real to me!

Q: Is there a Bella’s birthday mention in Breaking Dawn - Part 2?

Jack: Yes.

Q: Bella and Edward will go to Alaska to find Denali's clan contrary to the book where they wait for everybody?

Jack: Correct. It's in the teaser trailer.

Q: Is Alice's vision going to be the reason behind Bella finding out about the Immortal Children?

Jack: Kinda sorta.

Q: Was a Zafrina-Renesmee scene shot? I mean, when Zafrina shows Nessie her powers.

Jack: A variation on that scene was shot, yes.


Jack Answers Questions On Breaking Dawn Part 2

So Enjoy!!!!

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