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Thoughts on Volturi Confrontation

I have read the book countless times and it seems the more I read into it, I can see the movie already playing in the head over and over again and for what I have seen in the trailers, there is going to be plenty of things happening in this movie. I am thinking it will be more better then the first part, there will action and romance and a pissed off mother.

This is all my thoughts

As for the Volturi confrontation, I think that Aro is taking it all to seriously, to be honest there will be a lot of people wanting his head on a platter then anything else. I am not alone when I says that, I am like so annoyed at The Volturi for taking one side without knowing the real truth. It is pointless to argue this further, for what Irina has done, I am a little angry at her.

What did you think of the Confrontation

I think that Aro, Caius and Marcus should communicate aloud, because are not getting any privacy around the place, there are vampires with great hearing and shape shifters with good hearing and for what I have seen in the book in my head there will be scenes like that in the movie, so they can be true to the book. The Cullen's didn't run, because they knew that a fight for their own survival.

Looks like it will only continue

I am a little scared when it comes to that scene, I am not going to watch it, I am just going to say wait till that part is over. Plus Alec is using his power again Bella's mental shield is a waste of time to be honest. Plus Jane when she is using her power to make vampire feel a lot of pain.

Seems like a waste of time, to me

But as they fight for Renesmee, they will get the better of the Volturi and making them look like a bunch of people who want to create misary for other people and not respecting others and treating them they would like to be treated. I am a shamed of them too, they are exploiting other vampires, shape shifters and hybrids out there and manipulating them in a wrong way.

The Volturi wimped out of the fight

And also not listening to people when they want to have a say in what ever is going around, I am so glad Garrett had the chance on having a say on the topic, plus to make it more better, I think that speach made him look bigger then the Volturi. Plus it also made the other vampires proud to have him on their side. So that is how I feel.

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