It is almost time for the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn: Part 2 to make an appearance on the big screens and it is time for us fans to get excited and camp outside our local theaters over a series of a few days just to get a perfect spot in the theater room that Breaking Dawn will be shown in. We get to see Jacob, Edward and Bella and many more characters and new ones as well. Which is going to be making it a lot more interesting don't you think, even though there are many things that are not going to be 'shown' in the trailers that will be seen in the movie.

As the movie is shown, people are just going to be saying that one was one of the best ones out yet, some will say different. It is still unknown for us to finally give it our stamp of approval, guessing that many people will be writing or typing reviews on here and spoiling it for the rest of us that hasn't seen it at all yet. So this year I was thinking, if you wait a few weeks to write a review about the film, so that it will give the rest time to see it and it will give you time to think about what you want to be said in your review. It happened last year with all the reviews on this wikia did and so with the group on facebook did, they blasted it all over the page.

The Twilight Fanon is becoming an over drive, since the very first film Twilight (film) there has been a dramatic growth in fans, like what happened at the New Moon (film) premiere there had to be security everywhere, the cast had to be guarded all the time. It become a hole different story when the third installment of the Saga came out Eclipse (film), it became a movie where you had to have a few pre-premiere showings just to get the numbers down and it was still huge amount of Numbers, it had exploded with more Team Jacob fan and more Team Edward fans then ever, there was a war between the two of them at some point. It had reached it's peak when Breaking Dawn: Part 1 came out just 9 months ago and it had yet again exploded to a maxium point, I am wondering how the impact of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will be like.

So I am sorry if this was long, it is just that this has been driving me crazy for days on end. So enjoy!!!!!

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