Dawnless Sun (Novel)

My Newest FanFic is called Dawnless Sun but I need characters so if you want to be in it just comment.

Character Form:

All you need is (Copy and paste this form)

A Cartoon Picture of what your character should look like.

Coven Name:





A Brief Biography:

A Breif Physical description:

Family Members: (If applicable)


Not ALLOWED to COPY please.

For Example:

Coven Name: Southern Australian Coven


Name: Marissa Sarah Marie Joannason-Claireson

Age: 21

Specis: Vampire

Abilities/special: She can Manipulate Emotions around her like Jasper Hale-Whitlock from The Olympic Coven.

Brief biography: She was born in the year 1900 and sailed to New York from Southampton England on the RMS Titanic, she was a survivor along with her mother and younger brother and her father. She had a puppy on bored which made it. But she was later scarred because of her Grandmother and Grandfather died while going down with the Titanic. She was put into an asylum when she found Alice. She was created into a vampire at athe age of 15 and has been living a nomadic life ever since.

A Breif Physical description: She has red hair with crimson red eyes and has a body like Bella Cullen's. She is the height of Rosalie. She has got hair like Esme's and Emmett's sense of humour.

Family Members:

Roseletta Joannanson (Her Mother)

Jacob John Claireson (Her father)

Freddrick Benjamin Joannason-Claireson (Her brother)

Poppyseed (her puppy)

Victoria Estella Olivia Joannanson (her grandmother)

Oliva Jason Anthony Joannanson (her grand father)

Loyaly: Southern Australian Coven

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