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Picture A

BD Part 2 A

This is the first one I did and it took me over 1 hour to find the pictures and another 30 mins to put it together.

Picture B

BD Part 2 B

This is the first one I did and it took me over 3 hours to find the pictures and another 45 mins to put it together.

Picture C

Breaking Dawn (Cover Picture) 2008-2012

This is an extra picture I had lying on my computer and I hope you like it. As much as I have.

Plus this quote from Breaking dawn is AWESOME~NESS~LY done.

Paul: Is it true, Jacob?

Quil: What will it be?

Paul: It's growing fast.

Leah: It's unnatural.

Jared: Dangerous.

Quil: Monstrosity.

Paul: An abomination.

Quil: On our land.

Jared: We can't allow it.

Quil: We can't allow it.

Paul: We can't allow it.

Various wolves: We can't allow it.

Sam: We have to protect the tribe. What they've bred won't be able to control its thirst. Every human will be in danger.

Jared: We're ready.

Leah: No time to waste!

Jacob: [to Sam] Now?

Sam: We must destroy it before it's born.

Seth: [to Sam] You mean, kill Bella?

Sam: Her choice affects us all.

Jacob: [to Sam] Bella's human. Our protection applies to her.

Leah: [to Jacob] She's dying anyway!

[Jacob pounces on Leah, they fight]

[Sam snarls, Leah and Jacob stop fighting]

Sam: We have real enemies to fight tonight.

Jacob: Tonight?

[Seth whimpers]

Sam: You will fight with us, Jake.

[Sam and Jacob growl and snarl]

Jacob: I will not! I am the grandson of Ephraim Black. I am the grandson of a chief! I wasn't born to follow you, or anyone else.

[Jacob runs away]

[Seth whimpers]

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