To The Twilight Saga Wikia,

Well, it is next week for The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part One is on DVD to buy and I can't believe it has been four films of the Twilight Saga and it doesn't feel like it. I am saddened to see it go, so I am uploading pictures of the movie here so that we can make a tribute to one of the most fantastic franchises ever. But it seems that we are going to lose it after this year. Which I am not happy about. I am hoping you will do the same, so I want yous all to do the same. Let’s honour The Twilight Saga for what it is.
We should be thankful to the four directors who directed them. First with Twilight which was done by Catherine Hardwick. She had made Twilight awesome even with the littlest money they had at the time. Secondly with New Moon which was done by Chris Wietz, he had done a really good job with the money increase in the budget but it wasn't that much what with all the new actors introduced into the Saga. Thirdly with David Slade, he made Eclipse more epic which the graphics and more new actors in it. Plus he made it into a brilliant movie. Fourthly and last Bill Condon, he made a fantastic effort with what he has done with both parts of Breaking Dawn. He made it happen within 100 days.
But we are forgetting the actors and the crew for endless and painful hours. We should give then a round of applause. They have done their own stunts and made the characters what they are and made the sets, the wolves effect and etc. So This my newsletter for The Twilight Wiki. I am hoping that we can make it more popular by the time Part Two of Breaking Dawn Comes out.



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