Midnight Dawn Jacob's POV

Chapter One- (Blood Flesh and warmth)

If you had nothing else to live for and the one you loved is married what would you do. Hmm maybe be suicide. But Who knows, what is in the future. Ugh, what future. I have got no future. I hate it. Sigh I must admit that it feels awesome to feel the way i feel. But as the girl I once loved is a vampire. Her daughter is my next target, she is my world, the gravity that sticks me the world. She is the daughter of the person who had wrecked the body I once loved. Edward, well in the future he will be my father in law. Ha I got my revenge, it is sweet. But I can't have everything. But it seems that I have. I know Sam, Quil and Paul have found that girl of their dreams. But it was only three days ago that Leah imprinted, she imprinted on one of Bella's friends. It had to be Mike. Ew, she could've choosen better. But she choose him, now he is destained to fall in love with her now and yeah. She is happy that it happened! Like I was when I imprinted on Resesmee, now i call her nessie. Her name is a mouth ful. But I love her. It just doesn't seem to get old though. I know she is pysically 15 at the moment, for now Edward wants me to be a brother to her. But she knows what I did to her. So I have to watch what I think around him. Well Blondie and myself have grown to be tolerent of each other. Because she knows that I will be a part of her family soon. Emmett is just a brother to me, even though he is hulky and bulky like the italian leach called Felix. Jasper is not my fave person, he keeps manipulating my emotions for fun, first I am hungry and now I am sad and now I am happy. I wish he stop it. It is bugging me. Alice loves to dress me up, like I am a living breathing Ken "Barbie doll". Bella is just plain Bella to me, she is a vampire but she is kind and happy now, ha nice to know she is happy. Charlie knows that Bella is a vampire, I don't know what gave Bella the strenghth to show Charlie what she is, I mean I saw his face i was like "Charlie, she has been one since she met Edward. He was the one who had turned her into a bloodsucker." then he moved away and took Sue with him. I hated that part. Now Sue and Charlie are married. So Leah and Seth are Bella's family. Seth loves being Bellas younger brother. Leah likes it but doesn't love it like Seth is. So since Seth is Bella brother he can be an uncle to Renesmee and Leah is a new Aunt to her as well, so I will be there nephew in law. It must suck being Leah. So a vampires father and a mother to too werewolfs together, now I didn't see that coming. But It has happened and now it can't be undone. Finally Sue has met someone that is equalivent to Harry. So Sue is a grandmother To Renesmee to. It was only two days ago that Bella was acting not like her vampire self at all, it was that she was up to something. Then I walked to her to ask what she was doing and Blondie came in the way and asked "Where do you think your going, we need to have a talk about the nature of our relationship and I cannot stop to think where this might end up. So if you don't mind follow me to Carlisle office he and Edward are there waiting." Then I went with blondie and she wasn't lying about Carlisle and Edward, they were sitting around his desk. Hey Edward what is going on! Why did blondie bring me here. She said that we needed to talk about our relationship with each other. You might have to bring Jasper in to control the atmosphere. Then Edward called Jasper "Jasper, can you come up to Carlisle's office please. We need you to sit in on this." Then he was up right away. I can't believe that all of this is about to be out in the open. Ah, what a joke. Then Edward glared at me and he gove me a look that looked like yeah tell me about it. Carlisle ushered me to sit down. So I did, then he begun. "Rose, I want you to be more peaceful and more mature to Jacob. He is one of us, even though he is not a vampire and all, you need to treat him with a lot more of respect. If you don't I will personally have you and Emmett live in Bella's cottage for the time being. Away in Forks. I know I didn't want to come to this, but it is the best thing I could think of. " Then he finished and he sighed and looked at me as if he wanted me to say something. "Well, that is a reasonable thing. But what if Jacob does the same to my sister. Rose as the right to be respected. I love her, it will hurt Renesmee to see her aunt and uncle leave just like that, like what Jasper and Alice did years ago. Renesmee is my flesh and blood and I will do what ever it takes to make her happy. So if this doesn't improve then I will have to move myself, Renesmee and Bella out of this out and we will continue to Vancouver. I will do it, it is not a lie." then he finished with a growl. What Edward is sticking up for blondie, now that I have seen everything. I love Renesmee, she is mine. But I know how it is. Then I spoke this time with more sorrow then usual "Edward, Carlisle no body is leaving. The only one is leaving is me, I am the one who had caused this and I must fix it. So I am packing all my things and leaving tomorrow, It will hurt Bella, Renesmee, Alice and Esme." as I finished and I heard Rosalie smile and sighed and she added more "Don't you do that, I will not have my sisters and my mother and my niece hurting. I will block every exit in this house. I am sorry for all the things I had said in the past and I will do anything for you to make you feel like family. I will make you a family crest. Anything for you to stay" WOW! Carlisle and Edward had a smile on their faces and Jasper was not fooled. Jasper even smiled, It was wierd to see him smile. But then again, it was wierd to be in a house full of vampires. I thought to only to Edward this time. Edward, was blondie joking or was she talking the truth. Please I want the truth, every facet. Don't down play it for me. I will find out eventually. As I finished the thought, Edward answered me, "Jacob she was telling the truth and I am sorry that you had to indure all of her pranks and jokes and I must of admit. I liked yours as well. Then all of a sudden Jasper spoke "Jacob, all of my family is proud to have you here as another family member. Alice is happy she has another person to dress, Bella is happy everytime you entre the room, Esme is almost in the kitchen 24/7 making you and Renesmee diner plus she likes making food for both of yous, Emmett finds you as a brother as I do myself, Carlisle is fond about you and Edward is happy with you at the moment. But you see that many of us would miss you. Please would you stay" then he finished and then he left the room. So did Edward and Carlisle followed. Then it was Rose and myself. "Look, Rosalie I know that we haven't gotten along but I am sorry." Then she hugged me and then went away. As the days go by and It was changing. Rose and I are able to stand each other. But I still need to pay her back. So yeah we have to see where this is going.

Chapter Two- (Revenge is sweet)

It was like yesterday when we had a meeting on a rather difficult thing with Rosalie and myself. We had agreed on not fighting with on another I was thinking a little bit of renvenge might not hurt. Maybe i should just take one of her necklaces and hide it somewhere around the house where she might find it or maybe not. "Jacob do you think that is a wise thing to do. If she did find out it was you who did it. She will be forever hunting you until your dicarded." Edward said as he had read my mind. what ever blood sucker. I am still not going to like her even though we had our agreement. But as the day got on I found the perfect time to do it. So I peeked in Rosalie's and Emmetts room, I found her precious neck lace I bet she will be like accusing Edward for not stopping me in my tracks. But still she deserves a piece of her own medience. As I took her necklace, I went down towards the living room and shoved the necklace in the creavus of the lounge as I sat next to Bella. She was watching some vampire show called The Vampire Diaries and she was humouring it. She was saying that "God, Stefan is protective of Elena, is that how Edward was with me Jake." as she finished she sighed and then turned her stone cold vampire face towards me to answer her and I did. "Yes, he was and I was kinda like the jealous best friend. So I was like Damon, always wanting the girl. Which was not mine to have, in which I knew she wasn't mine to have to hold and be together with. So yeah that should answer your question." She had a pained look on her face, then she breathed in one quick breath and the settled herself down. "What did you do to my sister mutt! If you don't answer me I will kick you out of this house." Emmett said so threatening and so forceful that I was a little sheepish. Then I said "Nothing leech, I was only answering her question she asked me and who do you think you are, your not my father and nor my brother I am not leaving Bella's side." I finished and let out a big growl and then all of a sudden Jasper and Edward were in the hunting positions and Jasper spoke this time. "Jacob, how dare you speak to my brother like that. I want you to leave now, otherwise I will do the same thing I did in the past with you." Then he finished, he let out a growl through his barred teeth. "Jacob leave now before something bad happens and Carlisle is left to patch things up." Edward sighed and then kissed Bella on the lips. Then all of a sudden I was shouting out at all three of them "You are a bunch of flithly blood suckers, you have changed Bella into one of yous to save her. I am leaving and I will be back and I will come with vengence." So as I was leaving Carlisle and Esme passed me and they had sad faces on their stone cold granite faces. They must of heard the conversation. Then They were gone, I phased into my wolf form now. "Seth, Leah, Embry and Quil I want you to do something" I thought and it was Seth who spoke this time with some confusion in his thoughts into saying "What had happened with the Cullen's. I thought you had a truce with them. Well, you can't see Renesmee anymore you know that." Seth thought and then Quil interupted Seth's thoughs and "What you broke it off, now you have done it. You have done something that is not patchable. I am going to say that nothing because you are nothing to me I am dissbanning from your pack now and going back to Sams." Then I growled and almost lunged for me. "Come on Quil I am going with you. i am not going to stick around while my neck is up for grabs by some blood sucker." Embry thought. But as the others gone and I was thinking I was a stupid dumb ass for breaking this and then thought that I must of admit I need to apologise to both the Cullen's and The others. So I am going to go to the Cullen's first. I was running at full speed and I was there and phased into my human form and then walked into the Cullen's dining room and saw the faces. So I spoke first. "Hey guys I need to apologize on how I have acted, I am an idiit for breaking the truce. I am here to beg your forgiveness and if you don't I will never come back and I will not be rounf Renesmee. If you want me to say away for a small amount of time. I will accept that." Then it was Edward who aswnered it. "Jake we were only testing you man, it was a nasty one but it was neccesary if you are going to stick with the truce." Then Carlisle interrupted him "Jake, I am sorry on how my son's have acted around you and I am appolled for them to even think about doing this and Jake find Rosalie's necklace before she comes back. She is due home tomorrow."He stopped and everyone went silent and then I had to speek up "i accept your aoplogy but do you accept mine" I sighed and then I was in a hole heap of sorrow. "Darling Jacob, I accept yours." Esme said and then continued"We all do and I must of admit it was nasty and I am sorry for what my sons had but you through. Tell your pack it was only a test." Then I said " What pack, they disbanded from me a few hours ago. I am alone." Then they were walking up and they were running towards me with all smiles and Leah said "Cheer up almightly leader we are your pack. We cannot abandane you. So we are here to stay" Then she finished and "Jacob, Leah, Seth, Quil and Embry would you want something to eat. You must be hungry for diner" Bella said. Then we walked to the diner table and we had tea and spoke about tomorrow.

Chapter Three (Sam's Death(In Different Format))

Sam- Is in the mood to chew on some old bone. Jacob do you want to join? Jacob- No, I have vampires to care to.

Sam- Since when have you liked the Cullen’s? I know you have imprinted on their Child.

Jacob- I know, but we are in peace with the Cullen’s. Since I am going to marry Renesmee.

Sam- Oh, is that your plan of revenge for losing Bella. So you get half of what she was. That is a complete waste of time. But she is also half of what we hate the most, Jacob.

Jacob- What don’t you approve of my plan! Is this not a good plan? It is to me. If you don’t like it. Then so be it.

Sam- You are not Alpha Jacob techniquely. I am and you’re doing what I tell you to do. Do you understand? If not I will personally take Renesmee’s life.

Jacob- What, you would take my Nessie away from me and you will kill some vampire’s child. It is your way to get yourself killed, plus to break the treaty and then Sue, Quil’s mom and all the others moms will lose a child or children. I will not have that. You’re going to die, I keep this just in case.

Sam- What is that?

Jacob- Vampires venom. I stole it from Carlisle’s stash of when he has to create another immortal. So yeah.

(As Jacob gets closure to Sam, gets the syringe ready and stabs Sam with the needle and plunges the needle down so it empties. Seconds later it is empty and Sam is on the floor, writhing in pain. Jacob carries Sam over the Cullen’s house and Carlisle notices the needle Jacobs’s mouth.)

Carlisle- Jacob! What have you done! You stolen one of my needles filled with venom without my knowing about it. Sam is going to die. Do you know what this means, you have broke the treaty. We can’t continue here. We must leave now. I am sorry to do this, (breaks Sam’s neck and Sam have got no heartbeat. The venom is too late) see what you have made me do! Now we have to get Sam’s body out of here and into the river. For the others to find. You can come with us. Em, Jazz and Edward you need to come with me and dump Sam.

Edward- You mutt get out of the way. (As he gets near Sam he left him up and with Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle and he went flying in the river. But has Sam hits Bella, Esme and Rosalie must create a scene of water play with each other. While Alice is upstairs with Renesmee calling the plane company and removal trucks) You have done enough, Forks is no longer our home. Get away. It has been a horrible day as it is. Nessie is sick and she has the chicken bocks and she is contagious. Emmett and Jasper keep making fun of her. Rose, Esme, Alice and Bella have been trying to get her not to scratch but Carlisle put cream on it to help it but it doesn’t seem to be work. Jacob- I am sorry. I know it is too late.

Chapter Four (Erasing My Exsistance)

Yesterday, I completly wrecked everything with my killing Sam and the Cullen's having to move along with Renesmee. I am such an idiot sometimes but now I can finally live in my town without vampires having to bug me every single day. I am just hoping that they'll call and say that they forgive me from yesterday and I heard that both Sue and Charlie moved with them, as I was thinking the phone rang and I answered it "Hey it is Jacob how may I help you." Then I finished then sighed and "Hey Jake, it is Bella. I am here to say that your not welcome back into the family because of the foolish thing you did. Both Seth and Leah had to move because of you. My whole family had to move away along with Sue and Charlie. If you ever find us you will have myself to deal with. Renesmee doesn't want you around anymore. You have finally did it this time." Then she finished and then gove the phone to someone else "Jake, this is Carlisle, I am disgusting in what you have done. Bella is right you are not welcome here anymore. For the sake of our family never find us or call or write letters. You did this on yourself. I have called Billy and he doesn't want you around for a while. Just stay out my house in Forks for the time being." then he finished and hung up. Then I started to walk to Billys and all I could do is repeating 'My own dad doesnt want me around.' Then I stayed at the Cullens house for days. Then days turned to weeks and week turned to months.








It was Febuaray when I heard that Bella lost her father Charlie. He had died of a heart attack. Bella's first loss. That must of killed her to watch her dad being buried and Renesmee's first loss. Everyone including Jessica, Mike, Eric and Angela flew up to concoll Bella. I must of admit that I feeling some remorse coming up. So I had to call. "Hey this is Bella, how may I help you. Cullen residence." I froze for a slpit second and I answered "Hey Bella it is me.." she cut me off. "Jacob goodbye" I spoke quickly "Bella wait, I heard that your dad died. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I am completely alone here." I said with the sincerest voice. I was waiting to Bella to answer but it was edward who had the phone now "Jake, I heard that and we will forgive you in time but we need some time apart and when I mean time I was thinking like another few more months. I know Carlisle, Esme and Jasper has forgiven you but Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Bella, Sue, Renesmee, Charlie and Myself still need time. All we need is another few more months. So please don't contacts us." Edward finished. Well, at least Esme, Carlisle and Jasper have forgiven me. I am just going to need to wait another few more months. I can do that. Febuaray





It has been a year since I killed Sam and The Cullen's along with Charlie, Sue, Seth and Leah have gone with them. It is time for me to contact them. But I am so nervous.

Chaper five (counting my blessing)

Well, the Cullen's are not moving back back ever since they have forgiven me I am allowed to see them from time to time. But Nessie still doesn't want to be with me still. I am such an idiot for doing what I did and I have blown my chance of seeking revenge. I heard that Charlie's memorial is coming up and I am allowed to come back Billy doesn't want to be there. Sue is after all still Bella's step mother even though Charlie has died. Sue is spoiling her only grand child Renesmee. She is giving her everything. I was wondering, how is leah liking being Bella's sister. Ha Edward has got a brother in law the is a wolf and a sister is law that is a wolf. I just makes me happy to see them happy. Leah and Bella and close now, they got to bond with each other as females for once and they are both protective of one another. The other day I heard Bella stopped a bear of attacking leah, she was on the brink of death. Leah thanked Bella. Seth did to and then the phone rang. Speaking of the the devil "Hey this is Jacob, who is calling." I said and then "Jake, it is Seth. I miss you but I am still a little angry with you. Leah and Bella are out shopping with Alice, Rosalie, Nessie and Esme. They are shopping for a house for me and my wife. I got married sorry that you weren't invited. Yeah I imprinted here and I married her and now we are happy." What Seth is married. "Who to Seth, Tell me her name." Seth sighed and said "her name is Anglea, well I imprinted on Bella's best friend Angela Weber. So she knows about us and about the Cullens and about Bella and Nessie. So yeah" he finsihed and then I hung up with out finishing the convosation. So I packed up everything here and got into my rabbit and drove as fast as I could.




has past and I made it to the house the Cullen's were living at and I saw Seth and Angela on the couch watching some Movie called Resident Evil Afterlife and Zombie flick. So I walked up and said "Congrats Seth and Anglea. I am happy you found her. You finally found that other half of each other." Then I finsihed and Seth stood up and said "Jake, thanks and I should tell you that The Cullen's don't live here anymore, this is my house now. They signed over the deed to me and my new wife and they also told me that if you did come they will be in England. So yeah, Leah and Sue, Bella and The others are in England now and they told me to give you this your ticket and your passport and these five suit cases with new clothes in." So I congrats to Seth and Anglea and put everything in the car and went to the airport and then I caught my flight to england. Friday


has pasts and I was just getting of the plane and I saw them waiting for me in the lobby. Esme and Alice came running towards me and they hugged me. Wow for the first time a vampire has hugged me. Leah and Sue next and then Bella and Renesmee Next and then Carlisle, Emmett, Edward and Jasper gave me a hand shake. All of them had a smile on their faces and then they all said together "Welcome back Jake. Sorry about before." Then as we got to the exit there were cars waiting for us and then there was Billy in one of the cars.

Chapter Six (Being Accepted again-"It feels so god damn good")

As we made our back to the house in London, I was thinking about all the things in the past. Killing Sam, Nessie Moving, Charlie's death, Seth marrying Angela and also my own stupidity. It is all about to be behind me now. Since they have all forgiven me, so the house was the same in Forks, but a lot more bigger. Esme interupted my thought by "Jacob..Darling you should see your own room. We have, well I mean Alice has been going at it for months if not almost a full year. So Jasper and Emmett, be a darl and carry Jacob's luggage to his now new room." She sighed and then she gove me a hug and she stalked away into the house. Bella was the one who claimed me now "Jake, we are all living here and I expect nothing more then good behaviour from you and you have to go to school with us now. You will be like a cousin to us here and then once we move to Scottland in two years time." So as we were walking inside now. It looked like their house back in Forks USA.

It was diner time and I have seen my room it is as big as my house back in Forks. But I am glad that Billy, Sue, Leah, Bella, Mike, Edward, Renesmee, Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper are so accepting. Esme made Billy, Sue, Leah, Mike's and mine diner it was beef straganof. yeah mike knows that Bella is a vampire. I keep forgetting that Leah imprinted on him. It just takes time to get used to. So diner was nice and then it was desert time and Bella made the most delicious triple choc cheesecake. It was nice for someone who doesn't eat though. She must of been taking cooking classes at school or something. It was turning toward 9:30pm and Sue and Billy already went to bed in their own rooms and Billys room is wheelchair friendly because it was on the bottom level where he likes it. Sue's is up the stairs along with mine and the others. So it was time to turn in.

So i got up the next morning and Renesmee was standing in my bedroom with all happiness in her eyes. So she was up to something and I had to ask. "Nessie, what are you doing. I thought you were a little angry at me.?" I said in a questioning voice and she sighed and then spoke "I am forgiving you and I still love you jake, It is just that I missed you." I grinned and said "Has a have missed you Nessie, So will you do the extrodanry honor of marrying me and I will never do anything to jeapordise anything." She smiled and said "Yes, I will marry you jake." Then she screamed in joy and I put the engagement ring on her finger. Then Bella come up to see what had happened. She noticed Renesmee finger, "Jake, did you just propose." she finished astonished. "Yes I did" I said in triumph and then Nessie said "I have a fiancee` now. I am the luckiest women in the planet." Then I heard Edward walk up the stairs he was happy for Nessie and myself and he said "Congrats my darling sweetheart Renesmee, Jake you better treat her right she is going to be your wife soon."

Chapter seven (Wedding, Planning and Stress and LOVE!!!! and Loss)

As Edward finished, he walked out and then I heard him pick the car keys and he just drove off. Bella ran after him but she wanted to stay with Renesmee but Edward looked so angry when the news about my engagement with Nessie. So I was in the room with her alone and she just walked up to the bed and pushed me down and then she started to kiss me but we were intruppted by Alice. "Renesmee we have got some planning to do. So there is no time to waste. I want your wedding a nice one. Plus, I want it as good as your mother and fathers was." she finsihed and then grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her off me. Then I got up and had a shower and went down to get my breakfast. It was bacon, cheese and egg muffins made by Esme. She was a wonderful cook. Carlisle was off to work, Emmett and Jasper were hunting and Billy and Leah where here having breakfast and Sue was on the couch watching some TV show called HeartBeat, she is hooked on another TV show here. First it is The Bill now it is HeartBeat. So when I was having breakfast with Billy and Leah Sue came up to me and said "Congrats Jake, your going to be a wonderful husband to my grand daughter. I am so lucky finally have you in my family." she finished and she went up stairs to her room and then we heard a loud sound coming from her room. So we ran up as soon as possible leaving Billy alone. We found Sue had killed herself with a gun that Charlie got her. Esme called Carlisle and he was home with in thirty minutes and he pronounced her dead. But as the days past by. Monday





The pain still has gone. After all that Bella had been through when lossing Charlie, now her step mother. Sue. Leah called Seth and Angela to get over here now. It was three days before her funeral here in London. The wedding was meant to be today but we called off the wedding to another day. I am wondering will there be ever a wedding without the thought of Sue. It was pronouced she died of a broken heart because she could'nt live without charlie. Sunday



Today is Sue's funeral we have to get ready for it.

Chapter Eight- (Feeling empty but full at the same time.)

So yesterday was Sue's funeral and I wasn't in the mood to just talk to Jasper made me get into it. "So, everyone i was thinking. We should move to Scottland now and move on. So we can start fresh somewhere else." I said in a rather dead tone more then my utterly cheerful way. But Today wasn't about my thoughts it was about Leah's, Seth's, Bella's and Renesmee's thoughts. She has lost her dad and step mom and Leah and Seth has lost both of their parents in under ten years. I do feel rather guilty that I still have my own dad with me. But it was nothing more then just a sick reminder that Bella as got a dad anymore. "I am suggesting this to ease the pain for Seth, Leah and Bella and Renesmee. I am only doing this so that I won't see my own fiancee`, sister, brother and my best friend and family sake. I want them to be happy. So just please take up my idea. I am begging you please." I pled. Then Carlisle walked up and said "I do agree with Jacob on this one. The only thing to do is to move on and start fresh. But not now, let see in a months time." he finished. Then Esme hugged Carlisle for saying that. Then Jasper and Alice went to the computers to go on facebook. Rosalie and Emmett went hunting together, Bella and Edward went to their own library upstairs and Carlisle and Esme went to go shopping for supplys to pack Sue's stuff up in and Renesmee and Leah were on the couch cuddled up to each other not moving and Billy was asleep in his room and I went to play on the x-box to play Grand Theft Auto 6. I am almost finsihed playing it. Tomorrow I am playing Halo 3 on it.

It has been hours since Carlisle and Esme had gone shopping and then Alice got a phone called from Carlisle and saying that they will be late because of peek hour on the high way on getting home. So Bella cooked diner for Billy, Leah, Renesmee and Myself. It was a roast beef with steam vegetables and gravy and it tasted nice but it wasn't the same. Rosalie and Emmett came back from their hunting trip and Jasper and Alice got off the computers and Bella and Edward were done washing up. When Carlisle and Esme got home, but where was the car. "Edward we had to leave the car on the highway. It is snowing badly out there and the policeman advised us to go home by their snow blough so in the morning we will retrive it. We are both sorry" Esme said, she had nothing in their hands accept Edward's vintage 1920's car he fixed up and done up himself. So it was time to go and have a shower and have desert.

I had my shower and Edward made the most perfect chocolate pudding. So it was his turn to cook desert and Bella's turn to cook diner. It was getting towards 11:00pm and I was getting tired, Billy and Leah and Renesmee had gone to bed then Alice had a vision and then she said" The Volturi are coming to visit us soon. In three or four days time. They know we are living with a human and a shape shifter. We must get ready"

Chapter Nine- (Life is coming to a close for us)

Well, it is one day before the Volturi are going to make an appearance and I have just had a speedy wedding and mini moon with Nessie. Our honeymoon was at a fancy hotel in the city and it was only booked for one day and wedding here as well. So I have only been married for one day and it is time for me to leave Nessie. "Jake, would you stop thinking like that. You are never going to leave Renesmee. Jake, I love you because of how you make my daughter happy." Edward said and he finished. then Edward sighed and walked away with a cold mask on his face. Bella was even worse, "Edward, do you think that we should just vanish into thin air and just run." She said and Carlisle answered her "Bella, if we run then it will only give them more evidence to make us look guilty for doing nothing." Carlisle said, Esme hugged Bella and then went to Carlisle as soon as possible. So were are just going to have to just wait and see or wait to die or wait for an evolution.

So today is the day, Billy was sent away back to forks and was told to never live with us again in the kindest way. Leah had all ready phased, and Seth was busy with his wife who was carrying their unborn baby. Just as I was about to phase Volturi came so I phased quickly.

Chapter Ten (What life without drama?)

"Ahh, Carlisle, it seems as if though you have decieved me again. After all we are meant to be friends. Very close friends indeed" Aro said as if he were saddened and mortified with this deception. But it was all going all smoothly until Jasper opened his mouth "We have not decepted you. We are innocent and If you would let me show you" He said. Now that he had done it. They had Rosalie and Emmett held down and using Janes Power, there screaming it pireced right through me. Like a dagger to the heart. Then there screams were gone, all I could see is there firey remains. That was the end for Rosalie and Emmett. "Aro, how could you. They didn't do anything wrong. Rosalie and Emmett were innocent, you have cost me to of my children. I want you to leave in peace for us to grieve. You have destoryed our lives. You are looking for the coven that was here before us aren't you. They have gone to Africa that was the last time I asked Alice to search for them. Please just go, you have caused enough greif for us." Then Carlisle finished and They Left.

As Soon as they left Bella, Esme and Alice dropped to their knees where Carlisle and Jasper were. Then I phansed back to my human form and said "Rosalie and Emmett are in a better place now. They are at peace, their souls are free from damnation." I finished and Bella lunged at me. "How could you say that Jake, it was not you that lost a brother or a sister. I have lost Charlie, Sue, Rosalie and Emmett. Before you get mad at me, I know you lost your mother. But I have still got mine. I have lost so many important people in my family it isn't funny. Leah and I are closure then we were years ago. The Volturi must be stopped" she said and sighed and the continued "That time has come, Carlisle, isnt that right" she finished and then we looked around to find Carlisle and he was gone. All that was a letter.

Dear my dearest family,

I am sorry that I have gone without any warning. I need time to myself to grieve and think about what has happened. I will be back, but not now. I need time, so please just go on with life and Esme please forgive me my love. Rosalie and Emmett didn't die in vain. Their deaths will be evenged. I am sure of that.

From yours sincerely,


"So that means, we have to get everyone that helped us before when they were about to kill Renesmee years ago back to help us destroy the Italian Leechs" Leah said in a maddened voice and then all of the sudden, Alice said something "Yes, my lovely sister Leah. It is time for the Volturi to get what they deseve 'death' is what they deserve" she finished and then she went away along with Esme, Bella, Edward and Jasper. So it just leaves Renesmee and myself here. To wait.

Chapter Eleven (Death, mistakes and love)

Yesterday I witnessed Rosalie's and Emmetts death. It was not a pretty sight, Carlisle hasn't came home yet. I know Bella and Edward flew to Braizl to hunt down the Amazon coven and to get the Denali Coven as well. Esme, Alice and Jasper have gone on to Romania to find Vladimir and Stefan and Ireland and the Egyptian Coven. I am willing to fly the wolf pack here but it will be safer if I kept out of it. It was official vampire war. Them verses the Volturi.

"Renesmee, it is going to be fine. I am just going to make sure of that." I said and then Leah came up and said "Would you leave my niece alone. She has been through enough pain and loss and".......I staired at her and then shut her down. "Remeber in the first place you didn't like her much. Now your like protecting her." Then she hit me across the face and then I phased in front of her.

Then I ran out and then ran as far as I could and then I heard someone follow me in thier wolf form. Look, I am sorry for the slap, but I am sticking uo for my only niece. She is my world now. I have grown to like her and if you don't like it then so be it. She thought and then I ran straight for the house and then phaes back into my human form and then I changed really quickly and then said " I know you are, she means alot to me. It kills me to see her in pain." I said and then she said "Well, the same to me"

Chapter Twelve (Life sucks but Lemons bring you lemonade. But sugar coating things is real bad)

So it was only Bella and Edward back from their trip to get the Amazon's and The Denali Coven and Maria as well. They were really successful, Maria is Jaspers creator I think, there might be still a little bit of love between them since she is the one who created him the first place. Alice is still his true love like I have Renesmee. We have finally met who we can live forever with. "Jake, I want you to be nice to The Denali's, they are our family so please try to behaviour yourself." Bella said, then I said "I will if they do" annoyed to have agreed. Like six years ago Tanya almost attacked me for saying that Irina had died in vain, that was so nasty I must of admit but it is time for me to say sorry for that. "Kate, Tanya, Eleazar and Carmen, I am sorry that I said Irina had died in vain many years ago but I have had a lot of thinking time and I think it is time for me to say sorry. It was not called for nor was it nessacary either." I said and then Carmen spoke this time "I accepted your apology this time but next time you will not be so lucky" she said and Kate said "I agree with Carmen" she sighed and walked into the libaray and then said "Rose and Emmett would have loved to have seen that" Then Tanya gave me a quick nod and walked away and Eleazar said "Don't worry about it, she and her sister are taking Rose and Emmett's death badly, it just brings up what they had to go through when Irina died.

Chapter Thirteen (The End Of the Volturi)

To day is the day, The Volturi came back and this time there numbers dwindled away to our side. They knew that if they would be on the Volturi's side, they would die. Now the battle has begun. All I saw is Bella, Edward, Alice, Tanya, Zafrina, Renesmee and Kate her killing Jane, Alec, Aro and Felix to my left and in frout of me I could see Eleazar, Carmen, Carlisle, Kachiri, Senna and Esme killing Caius, Demetri, and all the other vampires and now Marcus was the one who had flipped sides. It was over, all the Volturi were gone it felt like a great weight has lefted off my familys shoulders all I could do is sigh in relief.

It was Edward would walked up and said "Does this feel great to have the volturi totally eradicated. No more Aro, Caius and no more Jane or Alec." Edward said in triumph and then The Denali Coven where gone home, they were missing their home town and now I am just going to make myself a coffee and relax. Once I phase back.

Bella's Perspective

Chapter Forteen - (Beginning of a brand new year)

It has been three months since Rose and Emmett were killed and I am finding it hard. The relationship between Rose and myself has been at its strongest before the unthinkable happened. I have been in a wreck for weeks, I am going to see my cousins in Denali to get how they are feeling with the loss of Irina years ago. But there is something I have to do with Edward before I go. So I walked over towards Edward and swang my arms around him and started kissing down his neck and worked my way up to the back of his ear and then he ripped my clothes off and I ripped his off and that was the end for tonight but tomorrow I had to tell him.

It is was 7:30 in the morning when we finished, Renesmee wanted stay over at Rose's and Emmetts house and live there. It was in their will, that if anything were to happen to them, Renesmee was to get everything they had. So I got dressed and sat on the bed while Edward lay naked. "Edward, your distracting me, can you please get dressed" I sighed and then continued "Because I have something to tell you. It is rather important." I finished and then watched in get dressed and he said "Yes, Bella. What is it that you want to ask me. You said it was rather important. What is it Bella." he said concerned. "I am thinking about visiting our cousins in Denali." I said. Then he froze and then said "Oh, Bella. That you can do, I cannot sheild you forever. Even though your a vampire now." he said and then I packed my passport and clothes and I got the car ready. Before I go, I am getting to see goodbye to Nessie, Alice, Jasper, Esme and Carlisle.

"Nessie, I am only going for a week. I am just going to see our cousins in Denali. So Alice will tell you if I need help or doing anything. Plus I am going to miss you." I kissed her on the head and then walked over to Esme and hugged her and she said "Keep safe, I love you" and I said "I love you to and I will."

So I am off to see Kate, Carmen, Tanya and Eleazar and Garratt.

Chapter Fifteen (Denali, I need them)

It has been a week since I touched down in Alaska and all I have been doing sobbing and wondering around the place, Tanya tried to get through to me but I all but shoved her out of the way. Even though she was trying to help ease the pain of my loss on losing Charlie, Renee, Emmett, Sue, Rosalie, it was not helping. I needed some time alone with my family to help me heal, but all of a sudden, Eleazar came up and said "Bella, no one is judging you. You miss Rose and Emmett, I know you do, I can feel it. It is all you think about, the Volturi are dead but there is nothing you can do that can bring them back. We are here to help you heal" he finished and then I hugged him and he hugged me back and rocking me back and forth. Then Carmen was the next one to console me, she said "Eleazar is right, you need time to heal and here is the best place to do so. We can help you and help the others. But only one at a time. If we have one here we can help them better, so Kate is sending them an email now. We all love you Bella." She said and then I got up and said "Tanya, I am sorry about before, I was in a little bit of a shock. I need your help, please help me heal." I finished and she said "Of course, what is family for"

Chapter Sixteen (Making Good of things)

As I was walking around my cousins home all I could think of is Rose and Emmett, I miss them even they have been gone for a few months the whole the was punched in my chest still hasn't healed, I am still hollow and Jasper and Edward have arrived here just in case I need to be calmed down. I don't want Renesmee seeing my like this, it scares her a little and in fact it has gotten to me that I need to calm down for her sake not mine so I am just going to be here another week and sort myself out.

It was three in the morning when Renesmee called "Mom, can you please come home, I need to talk to you urgently"she said and then I sighed and then said "Nessie, what are you doing up at this hour aren't you meant to be asleep, plus I know you are an adult but I am your mother still" I had to stop myself from saying anything that I might end up regretting so I handed the phone Edward "Sweetie, can you do something for me" Edward said with some much love and then I heard Nessie say "Yes, dad what is it, what do you want me to do" she said grumply. "I want to you go to bed for your mother, she needs to heal here, she is feeling a little bit responsable for what happened to your aunt Rose and uncle Emmett." he answered her and then she spoke back again "Of course dad, I love you dad" then she hung up. "So you think I feel responsable to what happen to Rose and Emmett don't you, is that how you think I feel" I said with so much raged and lucky Jasper was here, then it would have been an another story. I was calm now and I said goodbye to the Denalis' andwalked out of the door and started to run back to home.

Chapter Seventeen

Out in August.

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