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Robert Pattinson plays vampire Edward Cullen, who turned his on screen wife Bella Cullen into a vampire and the on the screen father of Renesmee Cullen.

'David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis', his latest 'independent film', is a thinking man (or woman's) film. This type of film genre doesn't receive too much box office love, but is the kind of film that continues to garner interest years after it's made. It's film entertainment on another level.

'The dialogue' in the film sounds like a play, with words that hint at deeper meaning, but leave you with your impressions and reactions just as fast as they hit you with the next thought. It sounds like a play because the film centers around the dialogue rather than the action and camera movement.

'Robert Pattinson' ("Edward Cullen") stars as a young wall street banker type, filthy rich, on his way to get a hair cut. Most of the movie takes place in his limo as he makes his way across town, dead set on getting his hair cut at a certain barbershop. Internal and external chaos ensues.

Bella, Renesmee and Edward having family time, while Renesmee is telling her mother what she feels with her father on her side.

'The internal' chaos in the film directly relates to the main character's existential questionings. A cast of rotating characters each make an appearance in his limo and are subjected to his philosophical dilemmas and asked their opinions on them. It's a lot like the independent film Waking Life in this.

'Most' of his acquaintances seem a little afraid of him, but also seem electrified by his intellectual probing. When the other person is a woman, watch out for an extension of the electricity into some raunchy scenes. Throughout the course of the film the existential loneliness of our lead character reaches out from the screen, and I felt myself groping in his mind space.

'He' has no concerns about money, even as the economy (and possibly his stake in it) seems to be in peril. He has no concerns about love (although an argument could be made for his love of words). He has no concerns. Which began to disturb me. How could someone concerned about nothing, be so... concerned?

IMG 0753

Robert Pattinson and his co-star Kristen Stewart.

'All' around him the world seems to be in chaos; people are protesting, and there's talk of a rat being the unit of currency. Although the character is driving to a specific destination physically, it feels as if we are being tossed around aimlessly as the audience follows his mental maze.

'So' when something decisive happens, sometimes violently so, it feels like a slap, an exciting slap. Suddenly we are concretely somewhere, experiencing a real sense of time, place, and responsibility. It begs the question, when you've completely lost touch with your core, when you lose your motivation and feel aimless, what can you do? Give in to it? Fight your way back to meaning? Invent your own meaning?

'The' movie explores the fine line between insanity and genius. I recommend it, and I recommend you do something relaxing after watching it. Like sit and talk with a friend about it. I can guarantee it won't be leaving your thoughts for a while afterwards.[1]


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