I watched Eclipse last night I have noticed that until now, that

they should have made like a flashback to where Riley was being dragged by Seth. I was thinking, if we can together make a page on how this would have turned out if Seth let Riley go instead of killing him.

The page can be named (How it could of Happened and what should have happened)

This is my fave line from the movie Eclipse-(Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever. Would you do me the extradanry honor of marrying me.") That is so romantic.

So I am going to see how many people think that this is a good idea. To me it does, this page can be linked to all the Twilight Saga movies. You can even write your own scenario on it on how you really think that how it should have ended. All you have to do is put your name underneath it.

First of all answer me this

Would you like to see a flashback to where Riley was being dragged by seth at the end of movie Eclipse?

That is the crutial question to answer!

Even though I would had like to have seen that. I would besically give the David Slade to go back and film that scene and make sure it will be at the end of the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part Two. By saying that, then the whole movie would have to be re-done and I can count on that the cast and crew will be honored to redo the movie but I think they would be sick of Twilight by now. Since they have been surrounded by it for ages.
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I must of admit that the whole Twilight expierence as been a journey for me, it has even given me insight as well. Like Twilight is about A new beginning, New Moon means you have to beat through tough times, Eclipse means you have to think about every step you make and breaking dawn parts one and two means you have to stick to what ever you choose in life.

250px-Charlie-Renée-BellaAll the characters have been awesome to see grow from small to big within only a few years. To be honest I have enjoyed it ever since It has come on DVD and on the big screens once a year.

Answer this one too:

Have you enjoyed your Twilight Journey? How was it for you? What is the thing you have enjoyed about it?

This is my tribute to the most fantastic franchise ever made since Harry Potter.

Thanks to have read me babble on about Twilight and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

Happy Twilightish Year!