Bella Cullen and Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn: Part 2

Kristen wants to set the record straight — if you’re upset she doesn’t seem enough like the book version of Bella, she has something to say to all Twi-hards! Listen up, because | Kristen Stewart has something to say.

The Twilight actress spoke to the Irish Times, and the writer brought up some interesting things that Kristen had said to him when he first met her after being cast in the franchise. You’ll never believe what she had to say about Robert Pattinson!

“Girls, especially at a certain age, can be bullies. But I understand why. I understand their covetousness,” she says. “Edward is such an icon. All I can say is ‘sorry’ to anyone who thinks I’m not Bella Swan. Really. I’m sorry for stealing Edward. I completely relate to that. But I love the book just as much as they do and share their protective urges toward it.”

Even though there’s only one film to go, we’re thrilled these two actually fell in love in real life. They were just at the Cannes Film Festival supporting one another’s films, and now they have an entire summer ahead of them!

We just hope Rob shows up to the MTV Movie Awards and kisses Kristen when they win Best Kiss!

Source: HL - Kristen's sorry if she stole Edward Cullen


Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser Trailer Official 2012 1080 HD - Kristen Stewart00:53

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser Trailer Official 2012 1080 HD - Kristen Stewart


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