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Kristen's 22nd birthday and SWATH

These are the messages Kristen Stewart got on her birthday

Chirs Hemsworth's:

Happy Birthday Kristen! - Chris Hemsworth(00:06)

Sam Clafin's:

Happy Birthday Kristen! - Sam Claflin(00:14)

Charlize Theron's:

Happy Birthday Kristen! - Charlize Theron(00:18)

Snow White and The Huntsman:

New TV Spot for Snow White And The Huntsman Called Kingdom:

Snow White and the Huntsman - TV Spot "Kingdom M"(00:31)

Kristen stewart's interview with Entertainment Tonight:

Snow White and the Huntsman - Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth & Sam Claflin Interviews(02:47)


My New Character (Charlotte Sadie Leal infobox)


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