Jodie Foster has praised Kristen Stewart for her progress since there last movie together Panic Room, but her rise to famous has been a rocky road for her. But since her role in the Twilight Saga as Bella Swan, has widened her acting opportunities. For example in SWATH and On The Road, and various other films. But Jodie praises Kristen on her progress from a talent child to a talented women, click here to watch the interview with MTV and Jodie Foster herself and see what Jodie has said about her former co-star.

This was said from Breaking Dawn Movie News:

"Jodie Foster talks to MTV backstage after the Movie Awards. She did confess she peaked at the envelope before going on stage and how proud she is of Kristen Stewart’s growth."

This is what a fan has said:

"Have always loved and admired Jodi. Very smart and talented lady. When I first watched Twilight, Kristen seemed familiar and I couldn't place her until a few days later when I saw a photo of Jodi, and it clicked for me that I had seen her in "Panic Room"."

So yeah, Jodie has said some nice things about Kristen, find out for yourself by clicking the link abouve. Enjoy!!!

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