I am not as lucky as I wish I was but life comes in many different ways, it is the way we treat our life that is what matters.


<large>"isabella swan i promise to love you for every moment of forever. will you do me the extrodanry honour of marrying me" that is edward proposing to bella in eclipse and also i picture myself in bella shoes saying "yes!"

La Tua Cantante`

"fight back you coward, fight back" that one out from HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE.

what ever you give out you recieve it good or bad however you give it out.

i must do what i can for the day and if i miss anything, i will do it tomorrow

live to the fullest and live life in the fast line, make you do things before you do anything else.

When all the filming is done of the Twilight Saga, I will try and get another hobby, for instanse Titanic or maybe something that needs to be finished. But my Twilight-spirit is never going to die, when the day comes when the whole twilight saga is done and dusted, which is coming up soon, it is going to be the sad day. I will always love Twilight, but it cannot go forever, like I wished for it to go, like I did with Harry Potter. But Stephenie Meyer cannot just write Twilight for ever.}}

Other valuable information

These are the things that have always interested me in The Twilight Saga,

  • Vampire Laws
  • Newborn Vampires
  • Victoria's revenge
  • The Cullen's backgrounds
  • How does Jacob tick
  • Renesmee
  • Hybrids
  • many other things.

I so excited for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 to come out.

My Fave Movies

My Fave Characters

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