So I have been watching the Sons Of Anarchy for at least six months and I am actually liking the series. Have you heard the of the show. It seems like that the show is getting interesting by the episode, frankly I hope that Jacks takes over of the Sons, and wipes Clay out of the group. But to make it even worse that the show is actually leaving me in suspense because of how each episode links to each other, due to how the producers and the director are actually making the show.

From what I have seen so far is that each of the characters are being transformed into many things from protectors to murders within a few weeks in the series. Finding out that Clay has some messed up past with Jacks mother, because of how Jacks father was connected to things that are unspeakable. Looking at the timeline since the very first episode, things have gotten a lot worse for the sons. If I were in that group, I would tread carefully on what I see, do and actually cover up.

There are things in the show that I can't figure out, the mateship between the characters is actually quite different. It will only get more juciy as I continue to watch the series and get my fill into the series. I am going to a little research on each character to make sure I have gotten the right amount of background story about each of them. Never the less you like it not, I will find a way to get a more extensive meaning of the show.

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Pictures/Videos

I know these aren't of Sons_of_Anarchy but they are awesome pictures!!!!

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