a Hybrid is not a Vampire because it still has a heartbeat and still pumps blood through the body.

But they have got some Vampire for example.

Renesmee Carlie Cullen Is Jacob's ImprintTaylor Lautner is so Jacob BlackBella as a vampire. Team Bedward!!!!!!Edward is so good damn sexy! But Taylor Lautner is all most as equal. But I still love Robert Pattinson. Team Edward and Team Bedward and Team Bella

Renesmee has got Tactile Thought Projection and Anti Shield . She has got a mix between Bella's Mental shield and Edward's telepathy and flipped them.

It all depends on the Vampire's known ability and the human's ability. But normally the hybrid children don't have a mother due to the fact that they kill their mother after birth. But if it is not dealt with as soon as possible like when Edward transformed with his Bella venom into a vampire in order for her to live. Plus it has got to do with the mothers will to live and how quick the vampire is to act to keep the mother alive.

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