The Hunger Games Verses The Twilight Saga

If you had to have a role in Twilight and The Hunger Games which two would you be and why?

The Twilight Saga The Hunger Games
Bella Cullen [Katniss Everdeen]
Reason: Reason:

Because she has got the power to do things

That I would like to have as a person. She is

easily accepted into a family just like that and

is easily to get to know when she is such a

powerful and herotic chick. I am going to be

in awe because she has got the same persistance

as I do. But she enforces it great. So I really do

envy her.

She has got everything it takes to win the

Hunger Games. For saying that, I would

like to be her so that I can have the courage

that she has to stand up for herself and for

those around her. Who yet hasn't found their

voice. Katniss is an all time action chick like

Bella Swan/Cullen is. She is a cool chick.

So I really do envy her.

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