Piertotum Locomotor:


pee-ayr-TOH-tum (or peer-TOH-tum) loh-koh-MOH-tor. If you are having trouble pronoucing it here is a link to where you can here it be said. and the copy and paste this "Piertotum Locomotor"


Spell used to animate statues and suits of armour to do the casters bidding. You have to be able to do it correctly otherwise you will be only doing half of the spell.


In the batle of Hogwarts, ______________ used this spell to animate the suits of armour and statues within Hogwarts, to defend the castle. Possibly used by ______________ to enchant the statues on the fountain in the enterance to the Minisrty Of Magic Department.


Pier means "Friend" or "Colleague" totum refers to "the whole" or "Total", and locomotor means "the movement of"


Good Luck!

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