Which vampire couple is this?



_______ is the descendant of a Maltese family with a unique link to vampirism. Some members in her family have become vampires throughout the millenia to protect and provide for the family.

_________ was one of the chosen ones. One of her ancestors, Luca, changed her at the age of 26. Despite her newfound love for a young man named _________, she still chose immortality as her fate and promised __________ to return someday.


_____ _____ was a law student in Barcelona who moved from Denmark. He met _________ while they were both human.

When _________ told him that she was going to undergo huge changes in her life and had to leave for a while, he promised to wait for her.



________ and ______ met when he was a law student in Barcelona and fell in love.

________ ancestor, Luca, told her that she could abandon her destiny of becoming a vampire if she wanted a normal life with _______. However, she still chose immortality. Before she left, she promised _________ that she will return.

_________ waited for her newborn year to pass while ________ waited for her return.


After she left her newborn state behind, she found ________ again, who was still waiting for her. After telling him about life as a vampire, _________ decided to join her. They waited 3 years for _________ to practice her self-control to avoid killing him by accident.

After he was successfully changed and found out about his power of lie detection, they lived a nomadic lifestyle together, but __________ still visited her family often.

Breaking Dawn

__________ and _________ both join the confrontation between the Volturi and the Cullen family and their witnesses in Breaking Dawn, when ________ 'knows' that the Cullens are innocent, he and ________ take their leave.

So who are there?

See if you can guess who it is

I bet you can!!


Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Official Trailer01:19

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Official Trailer

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is going to be epic, new Vampires and new werewolvess in Forks and more of Bella as a strong and highly athletic vampire.

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