Fan site called TwilightPoison interview Boo Boo Stewart (A.K.A Seth Clearwater) if you want to find out what they asked him click here to find out and you will be surprised in what they asked him and what was his response to the question.

But if you want to go directly to their main page click here and there are a series of things to click on to to read and get information about. The website is actually has got pretty good sources on it.

This is an interview with Kristen Stewart with TwilightPoison:

Kristen Stewart at LA screening of "Snow White & the Huntsman"03:09

Kristen Stewart at LA screening of "Snow White & the Huntsman"

It looks like SWATH is going to be almost as big as The Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games.

Going back to BooBoo, his respones to the question are actually quite long and it clearly states what he means. I hope there is going to be more of them in the future, Boo Boo is actually a nice guy accordingly to sources. Who who knows, that might be there own thoughts on him. So, are you excited to see more of Boo Boo (Seth) fans, are you ready for more werewolves and more howling. Then you are going to have to wait til November 16 of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 to come out, plus who is going to the midnight screening of it.

Plus here is are two gif's from the site {{Team|Jella}}

JellaJella 2

Thanks for reading my blog and have a fangtastic day!

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