For those who are new here and I want you to read this before you do more editing in the future. This here will teach you about something that you get from editing to much and putting to many pictures on pages and vandilizing pages. If you have not already read it here is a link for all you's to read: :

If you are blocked and would like to know why your blocked and the reason why your blocked read this. This might help you in the future. But if you are a constant spammer or a troll you will be permittly banned. The reason will be stated why you were blocked and it will have an admin on it to say who's blocked you. For those who need more then three or four warnings here is a page on where you can learn from it.

I am sorry that I had to bring this up, I am only bring this up because I am sick of putting this link up whenever people need to read it. So please do us a favour, before you do any more editting read this and becareful what you edit and what your write.

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