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Did you like this years KCA's

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KCA's 2012

Did you like this years Nickeloden Kids Choice Awards this year and this was my fave part out of it. TeamTaycob don't be mad at me.

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Midnight Dawn


Plus I am writing my own Novel Midnight Dawn and no one is bothering to read it. I am on the verge of tagging it for deletion because no one is reading it and commenting on it. Please read it and give me your point of view on it. I am thinking about printing this out and sending it to Stephenie Meyer for herself to read and she will send me it back with her all edits and changes to it. I am also putting with it, (FANFICTION) attached to it. So what do you's all think.

Kristen Stewart's acceptance video:

K award 01:03

K award

Kristen Stewart got most best female movie actress

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