Hey, I have gotten a quiz for you, so enjoy!!!

Peter Level Questions

1-Who changed Rosalie into a vampire?

2-What is the name of the vampire who fathered 4 different hybrid children to 4 different women?

3-When was Edward Cullen born?

4-How many vampire are there in the Irish Coven and what are there names?

5-How old was Sam when he first phased?

Benjamin level Questions

6-What does the Quilettues call vampire?

7-Who is the leader of The Pack that are still in La Push?

8-When did the Volturi take over as leaders of the vampire world after they overthrown the Romanian Coven out off their throwns?

9-Who is Alice Cullen's creator and what years was she created in?

10-What is the name for a proper werewolf, (Jacob is a shape shifter along with Leah)

Kate level questions

11-True or false, Carlisle was changed by Aro?

12-True or false, Esme lost a child before getting changed into a vampire?

13-True Or false, Jessica marries Eric?

14-True or False, Angela is in love with Eric?

15-Who created Jasper in the late 1863?

Carlisle Level Questions

16-Describe the Cullen crest!

17-Who has the gift to manipulate the elements?

18-Zafrina is from what coven?

19-Sasha is the creator of what immortal child?

20-Why was Bella changed into a vampire?

Jacob's Level Questions

21-Who was the secretary that was killed in Breaking Dawn: Part 1?

22-What are the vampire laws, that were written by The Volturi?

23-How long is the vampire transformation process go for?

24-True or False, Jasper is the biological child of Charlie Swan?

25-True or false, Eleazar was a solider for the Volturi?

Mary Level Questions

26-True Or false, Rachal is Jessica's cousin?

27-True or false, Jacob marries Leah clearwater?

28-Who planned Bella's and Edward's wedding?

29-What are the known vampire diets?

30-Who is Jacob Blacks mother and fathers name?

Maggie Level Questions

31-Who made the treaty with the Cullen's first?

32-Riley Biers was used for victoria (what)?

33-Who was Victoria's creator?

34-Why did Laurent try to kill Bella in New Moon?

35-Who was injured in Eclipse at the battle field?

Aro Level Questions

36-Describe what the Denali Coven Crest looks like?

37-True or false, Aro is the creator of Bella?

38-True or false, Jane and Alec or from Germany?

39-True Or false, Senna was created by Kachiri?

40-What was the dream Bella had at her honeymoon with Edward

So I hope you enjoy the names for each level, so enjoy!!!!

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