Billy Burke (Charlie Swan) talked with MTV about the emotional last scene with Kristen when Charlie sees Bella as a vampire for the first time.

“Well, first of all, Kristen and I, we've had a great time throughout the entire filming experience, and that scene in particular, the last episode of the entire saga, was kind of emotional for everybody, and surprisingly so,”

he told us at Entertainment Weekly‘s popular Comic-Con celebration.

“Nobody really expected that, and as we were doing it, it kind of hits you.”

In addition to his final and surprisingly emotional scenes with onscreen daughter Stewart in

Breaking Dawn: Part 2,”

look for Burke in J.J. Abrams’ anticipated new sci-fi/drama “Revolution,” which is set to premiere on NBC on Monday, September 17.

I can’t wait for that scene!

“Is that you, Bella?” he whispered. Charlie Swan, Breaking Dawn Ch. 25

He’s in a J. J. Abrams’ show! I love him! Can’t wait to see him in that too!

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