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Charlie a vampire and goes homicidel

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Well things hasn’t gone my way since I was a three and now since I am a vampire I have finally got what I wanted at the end, my husband, my daugther, my family and yet more. Counting on that for things to get more better, I am finding things a little confusing and yet awesome. Looks like a crazy way to put it, crying all the time would fix it but since I am a vampire I can’t whatever I do things just keep on getting worse. Like when I was in my first year of being a vampire the volturi tried to kill me, my daughter and my husband Edward and my family. Just because of a silly mistake, Irina had paid the price for what she had done. As I was going through my memories I was interrupted by my father who is now a vampire along with Sue, they had to be transformed into a vampire to save them from dying. Carlisle had permission of me with charlie but he asked Leah and Seth if it were okay if their mother became a vampire and they said yes. So he spoke in this very vampiric voice “Gosh, I need to hunt, my throat is on fire “ he said and then my face when all happy since he asked me to go hunting. “I will go with you dad, Sue is due to come home with Carlisle, Esme and Jasper soon.” I said in this too excited tone. “Okay, well then lets go and hunt” So I put down the book and spoke to Edward about it and then raced out of the door, so we were going a really high speed but all of a sudden Charlie got a smell of some humans and so he choose to hunt those instead and he eventually killed one of them and he just knocked the other one out.

......................Story to be continued….................

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