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Charlie a vampire and goes homicidel

So I have got suggestions with the Idea of Charlie a vampire with Sue.

  • Charlie and Bella go hunting and Charlie kills three hickers
  • Carlisle had to cover it up
  • Emmett had to drive the bodies to the morgue
  • Esme helped the families plan a funeral
  • Jessica was included in the three that Charlie had killed
  • Mike was devastated due to Jessica's death
  • Jasper had to use his gift on  Mike, Bella and Anglea.
  • Alice saw the Volturi coming after charlie but Charlie stopped them by using his gift of Mental invisibility on the Volturi
  • Renee was killed by Charlie by accident because Renee had moved back to forks to start off a hicking business with Phil, she was included in the three people that Charlie killed while hunting
  • Rosalie helped Bella with the grief of watching Charlie kill her mother
  • Carlisle sent Bella away to Isle Esme with Edward to help with the grief
  • Bella doesn't want to be in forks anymore so they moved to England along with Jacob
  • Charlie left to join the Volturi and never came back and doesn't want to leave.
  • Aro and Bella a fueding about charlie
  • Charlie was destroyed right in front of Bella, Edward, Jasper and Carlisle by Caius himself
  • Bella is relieved that Charlie is at peace but is sad about her parents death

The End

(If anyone has gotten anything to add on this they can and I will add you name to it)

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