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That Scene was so tragic, it braught tears to my eyes and seeing Esme like that was the worst thing for my eyes to witness and Edward's face was teary, he just watched his creator die.

Seems like a Aro got his karma back, in Alice's vision he got destroyed along with his brothers Caius which he got zapped to death and Marcus he said "Finally" when he was the last Volturi Leader standing and he got totally destroyed.

Alice and Bella saved the day, by kicking some ass and introducing Nahual and Huilin to give evictice that Renesmee is not of what she looks like. It is so awesome and I loved the movie. It was epic, I bet you agree with me.

Baby Renesmee was so cute and to see her develop was nice but The Volturi now wants her. Gosh why can't they leave the Cullen's alone.

So what did you feel about that scene, did you find it hard Carlisle Destroyed? What things did you notice in the battle scene? How many characters can you name died in that scene?

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breaking dawn part 2

Seems like a life time ago since Bella was a human and haven't met Edward, but it is a bit of Nostalga for me, having to see Bella now a firece vampire instead of a fragile human. It will take me ages to get my head around it, but things will remain as they are.

So anyway, what did you think about Carlisle dying, I am like so saddened by this. Esme is devestated and Edward is shocked and Bella is about to scream. Aro like inflicting pain on his friends and the ones closure to him, gosh I hate him.

All you need is a little Twilight

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