This is important notice, and this is for everyone on here, even the admins, especially the admins. There has been a new law given out to all wiki's on Wikia. This is new law is called COPPA it is to protect anyone that is younger then 13 years on wikia and on the internet it'self. For those who don't know what is COPPA go to the link provided.  This was from the The Doctor Who Wiki I thought you should know about, so read the below.

A new American law came into effect at midnight today, 1 July, which affects Wikia in a fairly profound way. The law, abbreviated COPPA, essentially seeks to protect children on the internet. One way in which Wikia are complying with this law is to prevent anonymous editing on wikis whose topics are targeted towards children. This is because "anonymous editing" is essentially a misnomer. When you chose to edit without logging in, you give away your IP address. That's actually valuable information about you, because it can be used to help geolocate you — one of the very activities COPPA seeks to restrict.

After much thought, Wikia decided to look narrowly at the way the DWU is generally marketed in the United States, since the law is American.

For these reasons, and others, Wikia have decided that the DWU is not marketed towards kids in the US. Accordingly, we we will not be closing our doors to IP editors any time soon.

So do you think that this should be done here on the Twilight Saga Wiki , closing the doors to unregristed users, because the Vampire Diaries Wiki has even check the thread on this link provided. 

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