Hey guys,

So you's think some of yous are super obessed over Twilight. See if you can write one whole scene in your own words about the following topics:

  1. Jacob being chased by Bella over him imprinting on Renesmee
  2. Edward fights with Bella over going to Italy on her own
  3. Jasper and Alice leave
  4. Carlisle and Esme scolding Edward for not being to cautious on Bella's first hunt
  5. The Denali Coven reacting to Renesmee's exsistance
  6. Jacob and Bella on a hunting trip with Renesmee
  7. Sam, Jared and Paul talk to Carlisle about the letter that Alice gave them
  8. Charlie's first glances at Bella for the first time within weeks
  9. Jacob and Renesmee get left at Charlies while Bella goes to hunt down J.Jenks
  10. The wolf/vampire formation at the confrontation

Pick one of those opitions and write a scene since you really know your Twilight stuff. Plus if you want to have the New Moon Script on pdf form here is a link :

Plus I am so excited to see all the respones.

All my Twilighters Love,


Who is looking forward to the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two. I am.</font>

Get Writing.

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