It is to be said that the second half of Breaking Dawn will be shown in a sneak peak
The familya
trailer on Febuary 10th this year. But it will be shown in Target stores around the world. Who knows, this could be true.

This has to be just a rumor. If you want to discuss this with me further just click on my name Edward_Is_Better_23. Because we can get this straight.

Your fellow Twilight Saga Fan,


P.S. Here is a link to The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Parts One and Two page. Breaking Dawn (films)

Here is a pic a pic of where I got this from.

Breaking dawn Part OneDVD thing

I want your opinion is this true or not?

Twilight Perfume -D

Plus can anyone give me the price to this.

Tinsel Korey's little puppy

Me Tweeting to Tinsel Korey on tweeter. This is her puppy

This is Tinsel Korey's Puppy, he or she is adoraible. I have one similar to it. He is like really cute. :D

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