Looks like Dee has beaten my but, I want to thank her for showing us, I want to help her spread the word that these a the proper ones.

253px-1337879714 Jake


148914 390149657687330 187560767946221 77605807 849598010 n
166081 390149414354021 1787767315 n
481226 3540208058097 1059279060 3186545 1784936828 n
579631 433094490041718 123804540970716 1579821 1930289442 n

To I have just added two more to the collection, and I hope that my two newest pics are good. Plus, who is ready for part 2 of breaking dawn, I am.

Plus you should be thanking Dee, she is the one who shown you first, so let give an applause to Dee, and thank her.

Sound Effects - Clapping00:07

Sound Effects - Clapping

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