These are some breaking dawn part one stills. I am hoping that you don't mind me making their pictures already on here as a gallary for The Tiwlight Saga Breaking Dawn Part One. I am hoping that part two will come out sooner.

My Movie Rating and opinion/

Movie: My Own Personal rating:
Twilight (Film)

Well, Twilight is the opening to the

Twilight Saga. It show us what

the choices you make can

effect other people and in which

I must say this was one of the better

Twilight movies out there. I must

give it 8/10

New Moon (film)

This is the 2nd installment of the

Twilight Saga and personally it was

kinda of boring but it got better as

the movie went on. But it is a

lession on how to treat others

around you and it was like a

wake up call to others to have had

seen it. I must give it a 5/10

Eclipse (film)

Eclipse is the 3rd installment of the

Twilight Saga and it was the height

of the whole franchise, it was about

growing up and choosing your life

paths. But it was like a lession in

the movie. Becareful what you

ask for is the lession. I must give it


Breaking Dawn (films) Part One

This movie has made me rethink

a lot of thing. For example it gives

me insight in what could happen

when you might end up hurting

someone that is close to you like a

friend or a family memeber. Plus this

movie has given me one piece of

advice "Never lie" that is what I got

from. I must give it 9/10

Breaking Dawn (films) Part Two

Well the movie has came out yet

and for what I have seen it might

end on a bad note. Because I am

dissappointed with the scene that

was shown in Target and in which

I am going to see it again for the

20th time. I must give it 4.6/10

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