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Breaking Dawn Part 2 New Pics

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In this picture we can see Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Tanya and a small amount of another vampire called Kate .


Edward smiling at something, wanna guess?


Edward and Bella bonding as husband and wife, vampire style.


Edward is bonding with his daughter (Renesmee) outside.

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Bella and Edward are in the meadow in the sunlight together finally as vampires.

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Jacob and Renesmee having time over Charlies for Christmas with Bella.

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Bella waking up as a vampire in the first few mins of Breaking Dawn - Part 2 and the last few seconds of Breaking Dawn - Part 1.

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Edward Cullen asking the Denali Coven for help to protect Renesmee from her execution.

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Edward and Bella on the from of Entertainment Weekly, with a special preview of Breaking Dawn - Part 2

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