1. What color is Bella's eyes when she awaken from her transformation
  2. What did Edward say to Bella about their temperture
  3. Why did Bella touch her throat when Edward sadi you need to get your thirst under control
  4. Who did Bella hunt?
  5. Who met vampire Bella first?
  6. What did Esme, Alice and Carlisle say to Bella when she walked into the house?
  7. How did Bella react to Jacob imprinting on Renesmee?
  8. Who got injured after Bella finds out what Jacob had called Renesmee "Nessie"?
  9. Who gave Bella the Key to her cottage with Edward?
  10. How did they spend their first night in the cottage?
  11. Emmett said "Wow done already?" to whom?
  12. What happen when Jacob had a talk to charlie?
  13. Do you think Charlie knows that Bella is not human?
  14. When Irina was in the woods near Jacob, Bella and Renesmee, what did she see?
  15. What was in the vision Alice had seen due to her gift?
  16. What was on the note that Alice and Jasper left their family?
  17. Who said this "I never get to meet any of Amun's friends"
  18. What type of gifts do these character have (Kate, Zafrina, Maggie, Bella, Jasper and Aro)
  19. Where did Bella meet J.Jenks?
  20. What was in the package?
  21. Who is the other hybrid shown in the movie?
  22. Who said this "Ness, was catching snow flakes"
  23. Who had killed Irina at the battle?
  24. Jacob and Bella laugh in the car because of what name did Jacob call Vladimir and Stefan?
  25. Who smiled at Jane, that made her furious at the battle?
  26. Who played Marcus in Breaking Dawn - Part 2
  27. What did Bella, Edward and Renesmee give Charlie at Christmas?
  28. What did Jacob give to Renesmee at Christmas at Charlie's?
  29. Why did Aro say that Bella was "Such a prize"?
  30. What battle did Garrett mention that he almost bit Culter?

So there is the first thirty, there will be more in the future.

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