Here is a rough transcript done by us of the Breaking Dawn: Part II press conference in Madrid. Sorry for the typos and such.


Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Transcript (Madrid Conference)

The movie has more special effects that avatar (Bill Condon)

Q: success in your careers have a huge personal price, worth it?

KS: she would trade nothing, they do it to find unique equations like being part of such a special project

TL: “he would not trade it for the world either” re success and cost in personal life

Rob: difficult to add anything after KS and TL comments He would not trade for anything, it’s been amazing (laughing)


Q for Rob: 2 different Bella’s. Book and movies. Which one will you prefer and Edward would prefer

Rob: He would prefer fictional women (laughs)

Rob: E thinks is in control but he really is not in control.He wanted to add some self awareness Edward loves himself more in the books and he (Rob) does not find that very attractive


Q from Antena3: Have fans evolved too in the last 5 years

Taylor: he’s never seen a franchise driven by fans like this one, they are unreal. They make the movies for them. This has turned into something they never expected. Continues to shock him continuously. Not used to fan support still but it’s amazing

Rob: there is a devotional aspect to the specific twilight fans. After 1st one makes u feel what you are doing is more important. It has created a sense of responsibility/duty. He did not realize that existed until shooting the 2nd one with fans showing on set

Kristen: it’s difficult to put finger on why this things has turned into. Energy contagious. If there was a knowledgeable equation they would be creating phenomenon all the time. Most fuelling baffling unique feeling.


Q: evolution and continuity on the films, how does BD2 fit on the franchise?

WG: one of wonderful thing BC did with movie is to give a rounded look of vampires around the world. Also B finally becomes what she wanted recreating the very rich mythology SM created. Bill Condon made us feel like a vampire in this movie. We started with Twi 1 with very intimate movie and we finish with this epic battle.


Q: for the 3 of them. Which scenes will you remember most fondly? specially memorable for you?

KS: there are so many. TL and RP say childbirth and laugh.

KS: childbirth wedding, baseball scene was very difficult and crew members still talk about how difficult that was. 1st kiss (such a big deal), walking down the stairs in ridiculous cast. me and Billy (Charlie) did not have much material but what we had had a particular dynamic. (Host asked about her memories with Billy)

TL: there are a few that jumped to mind for different reasons. In BD1 imprinting was a challenge for me. there was an x in the wall and direction was to imprint on the X! that was a huge challenge. Physical challenge carrying KS for 12 hrs in very intense scene too!

KS and TL seem to be discussing the scene where he carried her while host translates answers into spanish

Rob: re:memorable scenes. They are all pretty difficult (laughs) Scene in Eclipse when David S told him to do vampire face. Scary face rest of Eclipse was pretty difficult (and laughs)


Q: for BC and WG BD2 was supposed to be in 3D but it’s not, why? what happened?

BC: both movies shot at the same time so it became really impossible to turn into 3D

WG: difficult switching cameras from 3D to normal. It would also have been a mistake to do it in 3D BD2 always tried to tell the story in the purest and simplest form and 3D would not have allowed that


Q: congrats on battle scene. What has fans done or given to each of you that has surprised to the most?

Guy almost spoiled the movie talking about the twist but they asked him to not talk about it! Phew!

BC: it’s been great to see fan reactions for the movie ending. Let’s wait until it premieres to talk about it so fans can see the ending

Rob: just over the years all the kind of crazyness is massively overwhelming. Last premiere in LA the simplicity of how everyone camped out

Rob: fans respecting admiration for the books and thanking us. I thought that’s been pretty sweet. Germany with 30K fans was insane

TL: does not want to repeat himself. The LA premiere something felt a little different this time, obviously the last one. A lot of fans devote their life to the franchise. He saw so many twi related tattoos. Credit goes to characters and books that SM created

KS: the last premiere I saw people I’ve seen since the very beginning. You don’t think u can have a very personal experience in such a crowd but you can. Amazing to be right in the middle of something so big

Rob has been doodling continuously! Taylor and Wyck keep peeking at it


Q: as reader and fan of the movie what do you think of the end of the saga?

BC: it’s a tribute to what a great simple idea SM had. Why did E fall in love with B? because he can’t read her! And then that turns into a power. And that comes full circle and protects her whole family with it. So the reason E fell in love with B ends up saving and protecting them all

KS: I always felt like B’s the one that is easier to grasp because she is human. In this one I never felt I was into fantasy land at the end she is this very realized incredibly open disarmingly matriarch very satisfying. She lets everyone else see her the way she is

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