What Scene Out Of the following scenes out Of The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part One is your fave.

The Bachelor party

The speeches

Esme giving Jacob, Seth and Leah lunch

Bella's phone call to Charlie about being in Switzerland Charlie

Telling Jacob that Bella and Edward are back from their honeymoon

Bella's death in Jacobs vision

Honeymoon activities

Jacobs and Bella's wedding dance

The introduction to The Denali coven

The reception scene

Charlie giving Bella to Edward scene

Renee and Bella's wedding and marriage talk scene

Bella drinking blood scene

The Wedding Scene

The Honeymoon scene

The Birthing scene

The imprinting scene

Bella's Dream Scene

The Wolf Talking Scene

The Talk between Jacob and Leah and Seth Bella

Edward finding out that their pregnant scene

Edwards Flash back scene

The baby name scene

So Which one is your fave and why?

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