Adding catergories to pages that are already on The Twilight Saga wiki is easy if you know what to do and if your not a newie. Then there are a few simple steps to following in doing so.

Steps on How To Add a Catorgory

  1. Go to a talk page (e.g-Renee Dwyer)
  2. Then click the edit button.
  3. Look down the right side of the page. There should be a catergory section.
  4. Type in the catergory that you are thinking to add this page to.
  5. Then click the publish bottom that is on the right side of the page that is red saying (PUBLISH).
  6. Then wait until the pages has reloaded with your edits done and then you scroll down the page and there should be a catergory icon with your desired catergory.

Knowing different Types Of Catergories

There are various different catergorys that you might add to pages. For example (Blogs are under the catergory of blogs and talk pages are under the catergory of Talkpages) But you might end up confused because of the different kinds of catergories. It takes ages to get used to the idea but it worth knowing how to do so in the future. But becareful on what caterogry you add to the page, it might not be relevent to what the page is about.

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