Twilight Saga Fans and Cast Collaborate

It goes without saying that this morning's release of the second trailer, lengthier teaser trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 has made some serious waves.

All day long, the topics "Happy BDay Edward Cullen Edward Cullen" and "#ThankYouBillCondon" have been trending on Twitter, for starters.

The cast for Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has been a flutter on the social network about the teaser as well. Noel Fisher ("Vladimir" - Romanian Coven) wrote, "Based on that trailer I think ‪#BillCondon‬ should probably be added to the dictionary's definition of epic." Amadou Ly ("Henri" - French Coven) agreed with that sentiment, writing, "Bill Condon is a genius."

Now, some readers of this site are weighing in with their thoughts about the new Breaking Dawn - Part 2 teaser.

Essence B.:

“I loved the tension this teaser had in setting up the plot line with the Volturi and brief introduction of the new vampires but I was most impressed and even stunned by Bella’s intensity. Her personality, sharp focus and determination even in her walk was amazing to see! If this was only the teaser, I cannot imagine what the final film will bring!”


“Just seeing the new people and most especially the Amazon Coven into the movie makes me freak out like crazy. I was also shock on the scene where I think it was Benjamin who controlled the water using his powers. It was so cool.”

Jenn F.

“It looks like there is going to be an actual battle at the end; which I think is great. I love the movies and the books, but I was always disappointed that nothing really happened at the end of the books. Showing Bella running towards the Volturi makes me excited for a fight!”

Heather D.

“I love that they have in parts of the fight scene which I am sure will be incredibly epic! I also love that they show Bella out on her own going to see Jenks! This trailer was definitely designed for a Twilight book reader.”


“I wasn't too excited with Aro's band leaders get-up, but I got to see the Volturi's awesome pageantry-like entry. Also, Benjamin's gift is so freakin' amazing. The trailer lacked nothing. I got my fill of the Volturi, saw Irina betray the Cullens, saw some of the new vamps, and saw the beginning of the showdown between the Cullens/witnesses and the Volturi at the very end.”

Shirley W:

“I was visually impressed with the huge line-up of Volturi with their long black cloaks and red eyes. Loved Jacob’s notice of "alot of red eyes around here"! That said the addition of so many new vamps with special powers couldn't be a more fitting fanale. The wolves intermingled with the Cullens and friends looks like a very menacing back up for a good fight. I only wish this could go on and on.”

Latisha C:

“Glad to see J. Jenks made it in the movie.”


“I had to watch it a bunch of times to actually see everything. First thing that popped into my mind: ‘My God I had forgotten about the vampire super-powers!’ Wish they would have shown more Renesmee in the trailer though."


“Renesmee fits in with Edward and Bella so much. I love the part when Edward has her in his hands.”

Sabrina T.:

“I love the way Bella looks at the end. She looks determined not to let anyone hurt her daughter. I love all of the new vampires and the way they look, too.”

Mari T.:

“When I saw the trailer that came out today my heart started racing, and I started crying, it was just so emotional for me. Today has been one of the best days of my life.”

Got anything to add? Hit up the comments below!


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