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  • Vampirefairy4


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  • Vampirefairy4

    I'd find the twilight saga SOO much more pleasurable if it were funny! Let me explain.

    In the meadow....

    Edward:blah blah blah

    Bella:blah blah blah...

    Katniss everdeen: *Holding dying Rue*

    Edward: *in girly voice* Yo girlfriend, get out! Me and my Mary sue are having a moment!

    Bella:*throws cheese wedge.*

    Renesmee's birth.....

    Bella: *screams in pain*

    Jacob: oh GOD stop being such a wimp!

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  • Vampirefairy4

    Why guys,why?

    February 19, 2012 by Vampirefairy4

    Why is it that YOU can hate a charicter you don't like,but suddenly when I do it,it's aginst the law? why is it like that? This blog IS NOT having comments,AND you MAY NOT raid my talk page (unless you are being nice) I just want all Of you to look at this and see how silly we ALL are being.

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  • Vampirefairy4

    When I first read twilight,I didn't think much of Jacob other than he seemed like a cool guy,when I read new moon,I still liked him a little,when I read eclipse,I liked him a LOT! Then I read breaking dawn,I was like "oh my gosh! Why is he being mean? Why is he yelling at people because he doesn't get his way?why is he being so selfish?!" and I still like him a little,but honestly,why was he so mean in breaking dawn? Please don't murder me and burn the remains.

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  • Vampirefairy4

    Who loves renesmee?

    January 28, 2012 by Vampirefairy4

    I adore Renesmee! Mackenzie foy is the PURFECT choice! What do u guys think?

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