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The worst movie EVER.

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Hello people! I just had the pleasure of watching THE WORST movie ever, it's called 'The willies' and it's PG-13, It's sort of a scary movie, Three boys are camping and deicide to tell scary stories. The first one is this lady goes to a fast food place and eats a rat, thinking it's Fried chicken. The second story is, and old man goes on a roller coaster and dies of fright. The third story is about a little boy who goes to school and finds a monster in the bathroom (Who Eats His teacher and the school bullies) the last one is about a boy who has a strange obsession: flys, his parents get fed up and take all his fly stuff away, but he had a secret stash, than some farmer guy gives him some soil for the flys, than the flys eat the soil grow into giant flys and eat the boy's arm off. Are you ready for the worst twist ending ever? The boy's dad comes in an takes off his head, and reveales himself as the monster in that kid's bathroom. Isn't that stupid?!

Ciao, --Vampirefairy4 14:56, June 18, 2012 (UTC)

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