Rosalie's POV

There have been 5 years since we defended the Volturi. 5 happy years. We've moved of course. Now we leave at New Hampshire. Carlisle works at the hospital and Esme as a decorator. The rest of us go to Dartmouth, except Nessie and the mutt.

Nessie has almost complitely grown up. She looks like a Beautiful 16-year-old woman. I think she is Jacob's been girlfriend for a month or 2. Edward doesn't see it very well but he would know if something happenned. So he tries really hard to play the cool dad! His moto these days is "Now I understand Charlie!" It's totally hilarious! Bella is OK about it. She was at Nessie's place once. They totally agree in one thing. Nessie's and Jacob's room are FAR from each other and their windows are locked at night!

Alice with Jasper had been searching for weeks about her family, when they found that Cynthia's grand daughter Lexie along with her husband Mark died in a car cruch. They left behind their 13-year-old Elizabeth. Alice has been in 2 minds, wondering if she should talk at her... Unfortunately, nobody can help her... I've been depressed latelyçause I want so badly a child. Alice couldn't understand me untill resently. Living with a such marvelous child as Nessie brought our maternal instings on the surface. I talked to Emmett about it and he said that if I want to adopt he would stand by me. I think that's why Alice thinks so much about Elizabeth... "Alice!" I shout. She was already by my side. " I'm in!" She said already knowing the plan...

How do you find it? I want to say sorry for any mistakes. I can speak English very well....Please tell me your opinion. It will help me a lot....=)

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