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    Just a Hello!

    August 19, 2013 by Unbroken4evar

    Hey guys, :) 

    this is my first blog post! (Yay!)

    So I just wanted to say hi and tell you some things about myself :)

    1) I use smiley faces to much :)

    2) My name is Scarlet

    3) I am team Edward

    4) I have an instagram @unbroken4evar and a wattpad @unbroken4evar

    6) I'm a little to obsessivbe over Twilight and I know no one personally that is this obsessive over Twilight

    7) I get a lot of weird glares because I wear a Twilight shirt, I also get comments like "Stop talking about Twilight!" and "God when will you get over twilight!"

    8) If you dont like Twilight you shoulldn't be on this wikia and I dislike you

    9) I wish I could meet the whole cast

    10) I get jealous easily

    11) I enjoy making edits :)

    (there goes the smiley faces again)

    12) I am really a nice pe…

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