Or better: No soulmates in Twilight...

I don't think they have really 'soulmate' in Twilight. I mean:

-Carlisle has changed Esme because she was already considered like dead and he remembered her. He changed Rosalie because he wanted a mate for Edward and she was dying anyway.

-Rosalie wanted Carlisle to change Emmett because he looked like Vera's baby.

-Alice SAW her with Jasper but I'm pretty sure she never ask herself if the fact that she sees Jasper only mean that he will become a Cullen. I wonder if she saw herself married to Jasper before or after she convinces herself that he's her soulmate. Because Alice's visions depend on what people choose, and that includes her too.

-And since Bella asked Alice for visions of her future, she convinces herself that it was her decision and 'Well, if Alice said so, it means that it's obviously true.' (and I don't have to think by myself)

-Emily gave a chance to Sam AFTER he hurt her. I mean, do you really fall in love with a man who put you in hospital? Does she has any choice? When she made it, she finished with scars. And EVERYONE who know about wolfs said to her that it can't be undone. She tied to him forever and can't say nothing at all.

-Kim was so in love with Jared that, obviously, she won't say no, even if he didn't care at all about her before imprinting. I found that sad. And Kim seems a little weak. She had a crush on Jared and never tried to talk to him? I'm a shy girl but, yes, I could talk to guys that I had a crush on.

-Rachel... Well, she found herself tied with a man who have anger problems. That will make it difficult for them to leave La Push. Because, even if Rachel loves her family, she left for a reason. I'm pretty sure it would be years before they can leave La Push and I'm not sure they'll go too far away.

-Claire... Honestly? A 2 years old girl? She will never be able to experience thing like any other teens and women. It's like a arranged marriage. Eww...

-Renesmee... Imprinted by a wolf who loved her mother first. And having no choice at all because between Jacob, Alice who decide for everyone, and her parents. Poor child. And let's no forget that she has Bella's eyes. And the imprinting is made during eye-contact.

I'm pretty sure imprinting is a curse from Utlapa...

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